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CBD Golden Milk

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

This heavenly concoction is soooo soothing for the soul. We can't even begin to tell you how blissful you will feel after drinking this healthy for you, tasty af Golden Milk.

Golden Milk already has a serious rap for being one of the healthiest drinks out there that will help with those achy joints, stressed out moments, sleepless nights and those mood swings that has some people questioning if you're actually human?? Well ladies and gents we took it even further and came up with this CBD infused Golden Milk recipe for all to enjoy! You know we got you.

Let's talk about the properties in this drink shall we?!

Turmeric - known for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, feel good agents this is number one on the list.

Ginger - known to have powerful medicinal properties, ginger carries soooo many good for you properties such as: warding off nausea, anti-inflammatory, can help with indigestion, may help prevent cancer, may lower blood sugars, can help with heart disease and a slew of other all natural ways to make your body ward off the uglies.

Cinnamon - our friend cinnamon is almost identical to Ginger and its medicinal properties BUT add anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to the list! Say whaaaat!

Black Pepper - black pepper on the other hand, did you know that this table top staple is known to help with: constipation, skin issues, the health of your hair, weight loss, depression, respiratory issues, a natural detoxifier, helps produce red blood cells, lowers blood pressure and so on and so on!

CBD - well we would hope our readers would know what CBD is by now, but one more time for those in the back. Cannabidiol is a non psycho-active chemical compound found both in the Hemp plant and also its cousin plant Cannabis. CBD does NOT get you high. CBD is known for its amazing medicinal properties to help with pain & inflammation, IBS, anxiety, depression, PTSD, nausea, insomnia, brain fog, epilepsy, skin ailments, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and the list goes on.

Now that the educational part is over let's make this cozy healthy af drink!

-CBD Golden Milk-

recipe adapted by us =)

2 cups almond milk (or your favorite milk)

2-3 tbsp. pure maple syrup [+/- to taste]

33mg Sugar & Kush Vanilla Tincture -or- any unflavored CBD Broad Spectrum Oil

1/4 tsp ground or fresh ginger

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ground turmeric [+/- to taste]

Pinch of Black Pepper

Heat almond milk in a small saucepan over medium-high heat until simmering (not boiling) add in the remaining ingredients (EXCEPT CBD tincture) and whisk for 2 mins or until smooth and combined.

With spices dissolved add in the CBD tincture oil. Taste, if needed add extra maple syrup for extra sweetness. Serve immediately or serve chilled over ice.

We hope you make this part of your daily or nightly routine for extra health points!


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